Students Admissions

Ebenezer Christian Academy is one of the leading accredited Christian private schools in the nation, and we hope to see you experience school life here! Check our admissions policies, and requirements to see if you are eligible to apply for scholarships to help with tuition costs.

Ebenezer Christian Academy welcomes K-12 grades from a public or private school as well as home school students. If you need school admissions assistance, contact one of our staff members for more information.

It takes just 4 easy steps to complete the admission process. Ebenezer Christian Academy has a rolling admissions process, so there is not a hard deadline for application, but completing admissions steps by a certain time make you eligible for scholarship drawings! Students may apply to Ebenezer Christian Academy beginning at the age of 5 years old or after graduating from a daycare.


1.     Apply

2.     Accept

3.     Take entrance test

4.     Attend